Life at Karm Marg

Life at Karm Marg

Life at Karmmarg is a harmonious blend of work and play. All children of school-going age living there…read more

Karm Marg at Work

At Karm Marg, along with the basics, we provide a warm, secure, nurturing and stimulating environment.…read more

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While Karm Marg works hard towards fulfilling it’s vision of being 100% self reliant, we are grateful for all…read more

Karm Marg Philosophy

Karm Marg, literally meaning the ‘Path of Work and Action’. As the name suggests, the driving force behind Karm Marg’s functioning has been the desire to teach disadvataged kids and youngsters by our own example to be self-sustaining. To instil in them a sense of self-worth and dignity of labour. To provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for their holistic development as contributing members of the community. At Karm Marg, we practice and preach inclusion, acceptance and harmony with mankind, animals and nature.

The Issue

Karm Marg was borne out of the need to provide a secure and loving environment to disadvantaged children and youth from the streets and railway stations. Young adults who ran away from home due to ill treatment or abuse, children who lived in unsuitable conditions like drug infested railway platforms, sexually exploitive red-light areas or those who ended up as child labour and suffered physical or mental abuse or those like a few of our mentally disabled kids who were completely abandoned. Growing up in such environments ensures a very high chance of a life of crime and despair. The idea was to provide them a meaningful existence and empower them with skills to live a self reliant life.

The focus groups for Karm Marg are disadvantaged children, young adults and economically backward rural women from villages near our campus.

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