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Through Jugaad, KarmMarg aims to become self-sufficient in its finances eventually. But the road to financial self-sufficiency is long and hard. Currently, the organization is greatly aided by contributions from a loyal group of friends all over the world.

“If you’d like to donate, please write to us at : info@karmmarg.org

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Sunny Narang -

Why I support KarmMarg?
“I think it was 1997. Veena was working with street-kids near New Delhi Railway Station making them into a community, the older kids looking after the younger ones, cooking their own food, getting groceries donated by local businesses. We thought together what the kids could do for an income which was simple, used waste and was a fresh idea. We thought of recycled-newspaper bags with handles. The bags became a rage globally. Body Shop ordered them and the store Capsicum in Amsterdam became a major supporter. They now have a lovely rural home (not so-rural anymore as developers have reached rural Faridabad!), Karm Marg. Veena persists with great support from many friends.
It is hundreds of experiments like this which kept creativity, equity, sustainability and above all an intimate humanity alive in the strong storms of economic liberalization, where we did find more financial freedoms but also lost a whole lot of heart and soul.”

Volunteers add lots of life and colour to Karm Marg. The children love to interact with people from different walks of life. They learn not only what the volunteers come to teach or do, but from the sheer act of getting to know a wide variety of people.

KarmMarg welcomes volunteers from all over the world. Here are some details that prospective volunteers have to provide —

  • The specific time frame during which they will regularly volunteer their time (it could be anything from one month to six).
  • How many hours in a week they can work
  • Exactly what they would like to do at KarmMarg.
  • How much responsibility they are prepared to take on.
You can fill the online Internship form here
Or download and fill the form and send it to info@karmmarg.org
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Gabriele Meyer -

“KarmMarg showed me, what it could mean to be educated non-formal and what for humans this education could create. Through respect and various discussions about humanity, religion, freedom, different games and teamwork activities, values were implanted in them.

Formal Education is one thing, but to be respected and loved and seen as a worth full human being is the other thing. I was always impressed about the setting of KarmMarg, the children got responsibilities, have to cook, to do their laundry, to look after the smaller kids and worked for the project as well. They dealt with the village women, when they brought the paper bags, gave them work, had to complete the orders and where studying as well. That was a big task, but they completed all very well!”


KarmMarg offers some exciting internship opportunities in a challenging, creative environment. The green open spaces and shady nooks at KarmGaon are a wonderful, peaceful escape from the noise and pollution of the city. The children, dogs, ducks and birds are always around to offer their inputs too!


You can intern at KarmMarg in the following fields:

    • Marketing – KarmMarg is always looking for new avenues and creative ways to market the productsof its income generation programme, Jugaad.
    • Skills training – If you have a special skill such as baking, painting, photography or anything else, you can work with the KarmMarg staff and alumni to create interesting new projects.
    • Design–Designers are always welcome to provide their creative inputs to KarmMarg and Jugaad.
    • Agriculture– KarmGaon has a small organic garden which is always happy to welcome new ideas, seeds and environmentally friendly farming techniques.
    • Education– The children atKarmGaon are always hungry to learn more and more about their world. If you have something interesting to teach, be it Vedic Maths or pilates or art, we have just the right classroom for you!
    • Sustainability–Living at peace with our environment is part of KarmMarg’s philosophy. So interns with ideas on sustainable living are most welcome!
Intern 1

Things all prospective interns must know —

  • We are based in rural Faridabad about 30km away from Delhi. Public transport facilities to KarmGaon are limited.
  • Being a small NGO, our own facilities are limited too. The infrastructure at the centre is basic rural without modern amenities. Electricity is erratic. There isn’t any heating/air conditioning facility.
  • You will have to make your own living and transport arrangements.
  • We may be able to provide a modest stipend, but it will be based on the outcome of your project and the value it adds to the NGO.