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Life At KM

Life at Karmmarg is a harmonious blend of work and play. All children of school-going age living there go to nearby schools. The older children mentor the young ones as well as attend vocational training classes and workshops. In the afternoons, they chill out in the capacious grounds doing their homework, getting extra tuition if needed and of course, playing. Everyone helps out in the kitchen and farm when they can. Caring for the animals at Karmmarg enables them to develop their nurturing skills, often a first step towards their healing process.

Family at Karmmarg

Some think of Karmmarg as a refuge. Others compare it to a tree that provides shade and sustenance. But to us, Karmmarg is a simply a loving family in which all members are bound together by strong emotional ties. Each person in Karmmarg nurtures and is, in turn, nurtured by everyone else. The loving, unconditional acceptance of differences within this family offers many a lonely child a safe cocoon in a difficult world.


Masti at Karmmarg

Masti, madness and mayhem are taken very seriously at Karmmarg. Letting one’s hair down is truly therapeutic for the soul, and let’s face it, it makes for some funny pictures too! Long after children leave Karmmarg, these uncomplicated bouts of craziness are what they remember the most…