Covid 19 | Call for Donations


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Or Call +91.9717323301 for other modes of conributing. 

As part of our efforts in helping the communities in Greater Faridabad during the challenging time of Covid-19 pandemic & Lock-down, we have been reaching out to families of stranded migrant labourers camped around the distributing:

  • Balanced daily meals for children // Costs Rs.15/person Daily distributing 150-200 such meals. Total cost per day: Rs.3000/-

  • Dry rations for migrant familie (costs Rs.750 / pack) Distribution for about 1000 people. Includes: Atta 5kg, Rice 5kg, Daal 2kg, Oil 1ltr, Masala Haldi-Salt, Sugar 1kg, Tea 250 gm, Chana & Gud. 

  • Support in cash to purchase cooking gas and mobile recharges.

  • Soaps (Costs Rs.30 for a set of two).

In addition, we have also been:

  • Distributing Chai two times for 12 -15 police & enforcement officers posted along the food distribution route.
  • Feeding 300 stray animals daily.

We need your help in continuing this work. Please donate generously to help us in continuing this work. Without your urgent financial support, we may not be able to reach out to as many and more people needing support.

Please follow this link to donate any amount of your choosing.
Donate Now
Or Call +91.9717323301 for other modes of donating. 

About Karm Marg:

Karm Marg Charitable Society has been working with disadvantaged children and rural women since 1997. It currently operates a 60 bed residential care home for children and youth from difficult backgrounds, a vocational training centre for residents and rural youth, and a income generation project under the Jugaad Trust to create livelihoods for rural women and graduating young adults. The facility is located in Greater Faridabad, about 45 minutes from New Delhi. Click here to visit our website to learn more.