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Sunny Narang

Why I support KarmMarg?

“I think it was 1997. Veena was working with street-kids near New Delhi Railway Station making them into a community, the older kids looking after the younger ones, cooking their own food, getting groceries donated by local businesses. We thought together what the kids could do for an income which was simple, used waste and was a fresh idea. We thought of recycled-newspaper bags with handles. The bags became a rage globally. Body Shop ordered them and the store Capsicum in Amsterdam became a major supporter. They now have a lovely rural home (not so-rural anymore as developers have reached rural Faridabad!), Karm Marg. Veena persists with great support from many friends.

It is hundreds of experiments like this which kept creativity, equity, sustainability and above all an intimate humanity alive in the strong storms of economic liberalization, where we did find more financial freedoms but also lost a whole lot of heart and soul.”

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