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“People often ask me, “What is KarmMarg?” I rattle off the same text written on the website and brochures. But somewhere inside me, I have another answer resonating….

KarmMarg…is a journey. Not a destination, nor an institution. It’s an oasis in life’s journey through the desert, where one sits down to rest, introspect and weave dreams for the future. It’s like a tree. A tree that provides shade from harsh weather. Its fruit provides the food and the blossoms are the fragrant breeze which rejuvenates you. It is the tree that lets you use its branches to climb higher as you look for your destination in the distance. The best thing about this tree is that you meet other travellers who have come to rest too. You learn so much about life from one another. Even though you may not realize, the interaction changes you forever. And you end up making great friends for life.

Times have changed, travellers have changed, life has changed but this KarmMarg tree has spent 15 years rooted to the spot, letting others blossom and bloom under it’s shade of love and acceptance. KarmMarg, a bit bigger and much stronger…the roots have spread well.”

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